Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ways to Stop Wars

I was cleaning out my closet over spring break, something I don't think I've done since my family moved into our current house over ten years ago. Some of the stuff I found dated back even further than that, like preschool behavior reports, barely recognizable drawings scrawled on construction paper, and a list of "Ways to Stop Wars" written in Sharpie on two pieces of scrap paper which had been taped together. The handwriting on the paper was neater than my handwriting is now, so I assume I dictated the list to my mom. Here's the transcript:

Ways to Stop Wars

Plan 1 – Everybody stop shooting guns & sit down & talk about if there is different way to handle this

Plan 2 – Surround people who are fighting and not let them go anywhere else until they stop the war

Plan 3 – Throw buckets of water on people who are fighting war. Don’t stop until they stop the war.

Plan 4 – Sit down in the middle of people fighting and don’t leave until they stop fighting.

Plan 5 – Throw buckets of paint on people & don’t stop until people stop the war.

Are you listening, Mr. President?


Uconn'11 said...

i somewhat picture you as an infant hippy waving a peace sign in your tie dye shirt and somehow have long blonde hair.

it's awesome

Anonymous said...

Why the hell are most of the solutions just you throw shit on people?

MH said...

Yeah, I think #6 would've been, "Throw bombs on people until they stop the war."