Tuesday, May 26, 2009

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: The Superblog Cometh

It'll be like this, except less terrifying

Collaboration has long been a major fuel of the creative process, from Abbott and Costello to Lennon and McCartney. I am proud to announce that this Friday I will be joining forces with my friend and fellow blogger Sam Greenberg to bring the world a blog the likes of which have never been seen. Specifically, a blog which shares free-form thoughts about pop culture- and sports-related topics. No one has ever done anything like that, right? And just in case you were wondering, I do plan on continuing this blog as well, assuming that double duty isn't too taxing on my summer leisure.

In case you're unfamiliar with Sam's work, he actually has three now-defunct blogs which showcase his work.
1. His radio show blog
2. His UConn basketball blog
3. And, of course, his blog about everything he hates
I hope you get the chance to check out those sites and get a taste of Sam's writing.

I would reveal the name and URL of our upcoming blog, but it is still under construction and we're trying to keep its location under wraps. So here's the deal: Once the Unnamed Mystery Blog premieres on Friday, I'll add a comment on this post stating its name and location. (Clearly I won't be able to add a whole new post. This is Super Tuesdays, dammit.)

The Unnamed Mystery Blog will never be as good in real life as it is in your imagination

Mark your calendars. The world you know doesn't end on December 21, 2012--it ends on May 29, 2009, when the Age of the Superblog begins.

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MH said...

Ready? The new blog is called Pegleg Spinners, and can be found at peglegspinners.wordpress.com.